Biotin dosage

As the component of B-vitamin complex, biotin will play a significant role in converting food into energy which is one of the other functions. Even if the deficiency is quite rare and lots of people prefer to use this vitamin as supplement due to its alleged positive effects on the nails and hair. The University of Maryland Medical Center noted several preliminary evidence which suggested that biotin offers these benefits. Its use as supplements is a proposed treatment for persons with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy and in addressing a potential deficiency which has resulted due to the use of some anticonvulsant medications and the use of antibiotics for a long period of time. Although there are several dosage guidelines which are already established for this supplement, you need to check with your physician always before you start supplementation so that you will know the appropriate dosage for your condition.

Suggested Dosage

Typically, the suggested dosage of biotin ranges from a hundred to a thousand micrograms. If you take biotin in order to address the possible deficiency due to the use of anticonvulsant medications, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center suggested supplementing with the regular recommended day-to-day intake. This consists of thirty micrograms for all the adults with age 19 years and older and to use thirty five micrograms for females who are breastfeeding. For the diabetic patients, the dosages which can be as high as seven thousand to fifteen thousand micrograms can be used. According to the UMMC reports, the established dose which can be considered safe is between 30 and 600 micrograms which would mean that the higher doses recommended for some conditions have not been established yet. If you have plans of use biotin therapeutically specifically for a serious condition such as diabetes, you need to consult with your physician first to have guidance on the right amount since the suggested doses in several instances will be greater than 600 micrograms.

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