Don't let your family stay stuck inside on a beautiful day. Here are five awesome games you can play outside with your entire family.


Volleyball is an inexpensive game that can be played in any open field or sandy beach. You can easily purchase an inexpensive volleyball net at most department stores. Set the net up on the field, grab a volleyball, and start hitting the ball back and forth. Remember, the official rules only allow you to hit the ball three times on each side. Also, if you have younger children, you can always get a smaller net, and you can replace the volleyball with a balloon.

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is quickly becoming a family favorite for the outdoors. You can easily order this game online, and you can find it at many stores. The game involves tossing a Frisbee to a teammate who tries to help you navigate it into a scoring bin. It's loads of fun for the whole family.


You will just need a single ball to play spud outdoors. Select one member of your family to be it. He or she yells a name before throwing the ball high into the air. The person whose name is called catches the ball. Everyone else runs away. Once the ball is caught, the player yells, "Spud!" Everyone then must freeze, and the person holding the ball can take three steps to hit a player by throwing the ball. If the player is successful, he or she gets a point.


A croquet set is a great investment for a family. The object of the game is to hit your colored ball through a series of hoops. You can easily set the game up almost anywhere outside.


Cornhole is a popular outdoor game a family can play at a picnic or other gathering. The game involves beanbags and a wooden board with holes cut into it. The object is to toss the bean bags into the holes from a distance. It's not as easy as it looks! The distance can be adjusted for younger children. Also, the whole family can even get together to construct and paint their own cornhole board to make it personal.

Don't let your family be stuck inside with electronic devices on a beautiful day. Take the time to try some of these great outdoor games with your family today!