Water aerobics can help you improve your physical fitness. It's a low impact workout that will help you build strength and improve your endurance. It's a fun and challenging workout. Every water aerobics class includes a warm up, cardio, and strength training exercises. The workouts are primarily done at the end of the pool.

Sunset Pools and Spas, a company which installs inground swimming pools in Chicago, notes that water is easy on your joints, which makes water aerobics a good workout if you have any long standing pain, joint problems, or are recovering from rehab. Water aerobics can also benefits seniors and pregnant women. Water aerobics can help you improve your heart health. You will also lower your blood pressure and raise important cholesterol levels. If you have diabetes, water aerobics will help you lose weight while keeping your blood sugar under control.

Flutter Kicking

Flutter kicking is a low impact cardio exercise that you can perform with a kick-board. Hold the kick-board in front of you and flutter kick your legs as you go back and forth across the pool. Make sure that you are kicking at a consistent tempo that will keep your heart rate up, but will not tire you out too quickly. As you get more comfortable with this exercise, you can perform the flutter kicking exercise without a kick-board as well.

Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging will help you keep your heart rate up and keep the blood flowing through your veins. Simply jog through the water from one side of the pool to the next. You can also walk back and forth in the pool or march in place. Whatever exercise you choose, make sure that it is a little challenging.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts work all of the muscles in your legs. Stand in the pool and life one leg out and back down. Repeat this exercise until your leg starts to get tired, then switch to the other leg. This exercise will improve your balance and strengthen your core.

Standing Water Push Ups

Push ups are a great way to build arm, chest, and shoulder strength without damaging your joints. Once your arms start getting tired, stop. It's important that you know your limits.

Arm Curls

Grab some water weights and stand in the middle of the pool. The water weights offer extra resistance. Hold the weights in front of you and curl the weights up and down until you start feeling fatigue. You can choose to have your palms facing out or facing toward you.